Daily Fresh Foods (Cambodia)

Our core founder, Mr. Chou Pheng, has been an advocate of the agri-business for decades, and in September 2021, a big step was taken as the company, daily Fresh Foods Cambodia, was founded. Located in Kampong Thom province and with stores nationwide, the company is committed to establishing Cambodian rice as the household name in the rice industry. With big commitment and tasks in our hearts, we live next door to the farmers and rice community, as shown via our rice mill location.

With Tonle Sap river in our backyard, a supportive administrative system in place and capable workforces, Daily Fresh food stands firm in our mission: The system of Khmer rice quality. Our commitment to quality is available in processing. We use the latest and innovative system to ensure the best quality of rice. We follow detailed steps from sourcing rice from farmers to packaging before exporting it to our depots locally and oversea.

We stay close to our community, and we bring our rice community to all important stakeholders in the sector because we believe that only together we can achieve our mission. We are members of the Cambodia Rice Federation and the Cambodia Chamber of commerce. In addition, our cooperation with the Cambodia Agricultural Association Coalition is the testament and showcase of our commitment to expanding Khmer rice.

Our History

August 2021

We begin our first production in Kampong Thom rice mill after obtaining the license to operate the Daily Fresh Foods Rice Mill Business.

September 2021

A month after our first production begins, Daily Fresh Foods becomes the official member of the Cambodia Chamber of commerce. This official recognition has allowed us to enhance cooperation with local and international business partners.

December 2021

Before the curtain of 2021 drops, Daily Fresh Foods becomes the official member of the Cambodian Rice Federation. This recognition and prestigious status allows us to continue providing finest products and services to our customers.


To become the household name of the Khmer rice exporter, locally and internationally, by ensuring quality sourcing and trusted production processes. We aim to become the symbol of Khmer Rice Quality.


As the leading rice mill and company with years of experience and achievement, we are committed to deliver near-perfect quality to our customers, develop and stay true to our root: farmers and rice community and represent Khmer rice.

Innovative Industry

Why Choose Us

High Quality Products

Khmer rice is already known for its best quality, and we only here it more famous! For three consecutive years between 2012 to 2014, Khmer rice was crowned the Best Rice by Rice Trader. Our founder and staffs have years of professional experience working in the sector and they have been contributing to the success of Khmer rice from its humble beginning to its crowned achievements.

Modern Production Process

Our latest and modern production process enable us to produce good quality rice with high standard packaging. From rice collection stage to packaging, we follow strict protocols to ensure the safety of our customers and trust in Khmer rice.


Cambodia is still an agricultural country and we are based in the heartland, Kampong Thom province. We stay next to the farmers, rice community and the ecosystem of the Khmer rice. We work to develop the rice community by focusing on the core elements of the sector which is the farmer community.

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