We are simply bringing the best of Khmer rice to every customer in every corner of the globe. Cambodia is home to a variety of rice, and Kampong Thom province, the center of the Khmer rice, is the household name that produces many different types of rice. With our industry experience and innovative processing system, we are here to put Cambodia as the leading rice exporter, providing jobs to the local community while staying close to the front line and everything else that ensures that we become the symbol of the Khmer rice quality. Visit some famous rice below:

Cambodian Jasmine Rice (Phka Rumduol)

Known in Khmer as Phka Rumduol or Cambodian jasmine rice, and named after the sweet-smelling jasmine flower, jasmine rice is a long grain rice native to Cambodia and other countries with a delicate floral and butter scent. This kind of rice has a sweet and nutty flavor and unique aroma of buttered popcorn and fragrant flowers …

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Cambodian Fragrant Rice (Sen Kra Oub)

A long grain and a little stickier rice, fragrant rice is a popular choice because of its quick-cooking characteristic and its beautiful and rich aroma that is reminiscent of flower blossoms. The fragrant rice is another household name of Khmer rice, and it comes with a definite taste …

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Cambodian Soft Rice (Long Grain White Rice Varity)

The soft rice, an extremely popular choice in various Southeastern cuisines, gets its name from its soft texture. It is ideal for soaking up spices and flavor, and with its long grain shape. This rice is a little chalky and has a light milky color in appearance. It is ideal for curry, stir-fry dishes and other Asian cuisine. At Daily Food, the rice is carefully processed to ensure …

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Cambodian White Rice

The Cambodian White Rice is also a popular rice variety for local and oversea. The rice grain is a little bit long and large and this white rice is usually used as raw materials for production or favorite food of customers who like dry rice. Because of having lots of Amylose, White Rice has quite a dry texture but it will become spongy and sweet …

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